I teach and therefore you learn, or do you? (E-learning)

Learning is defined as the act or process of acquiring knowledge or skill. Human beings are the smartest animals because of our abilities to pick up new skills very quickly. Since we were born, we were already taught by our first educators – our parents. We learn about sounds and sights and everything that our tiny brains could have taken in at that age.

In the 21st century however, it’s not simple learning, in which we are fed information on a face-to-face platform anymore. Learning has evolved into something more sophisticated, something more complex. In the video I included, Mathematics can now be taught online and explanations are clearly illustrated using attractive cartoons and animation. Long gone are the days when teachers were the main educators at school. Now, learning is made global because of the ability to be interconnected to the world. Educators all around the world can easily obtain information over the Internet and educate students with it.

Now known as ‘E-learning’, this technological evolvement of learning has transformed the way we are educated. As a 21st century learner, we cannot sit back and merely absorb information so readily. We have to interact and connect with others online, so that we maximise our abilities for learning. The only downside to e-learning is its technological dependence. If there ever is a day where technology collapses, everything over the Internet is wiped out in an instance. But it does not mean that our learning stops there; I believe that it is greater reason to acquire more knowledge, to keep up with the world and to expose ourselves to more ways of acquiring skills.


May the force be with you (E-marketing)

The commercial is an attempt by Volkswagen to promote the Passat model. I chose it primarily because I love this particular model of all Volks automobiles. But more importantly, I think the advertisement is a very creative way to entice buyers.

Instead of traditional print advertisements on newspapers, magazines, billboards or other places like bus stops and shopping malls, more companies have used the least expensive way to advertise their products – E-marketing, which is marketing of products online. Volkswagen and many multi-national companies have engaged in this actively since the method is inexpensive and is the best extensive way to reach out to potential customers.

What makes e-marketing successful? I believe it’s the ability to spread the word around and ‘share’ the advertisements with others. The viral component of sharing videos online is an amazing platform of promoting a product or event. For example, the most well known example is that of the Gangnam Style Korean video by music writer Psy. It has more than 350 million hits on YouTube as of today. I believe that the very action of people spreading the video online is what defines success of e-marketing. Every advertisement has to be spread through word-of-mouth to be successful in reaching out to the masses.

The commercial I picked out has an interesting element to it. The Star Wars character, Da Vadar, was brought in to the advertisement, thereby reeling in Star Wars fans as potential buyers. E-marketing, as compared to print marketing, allows a greater platform for integration, which print advertising cannot do without sufficient explanation of visuals. Greater animation is also more attractive and feasible.

Overall, I believe that e-marketing is a technological genius because it gives companies a lot of space to promote and advertise and e-marketing helps to save them from making losses.

Get in the zone (or not).

The link which I chose to show my readers today is an advertisement by Google in a bid to promote Google Chrome. The video illustrates how one man uses Google to win his ex-girlfriend back.

In one part of the video, the lead stated “Your friends became my friends”. I particularly picked this statement out because I find it especially significant in this week’s lecture on Social Networking. Apart from meeting her friends in person, how did he keep in contact with her friends?

In this modern day and age, I believe the answer is social networking. There are multiple platforms for all of us to be connected to someone or many people. The idea of the six degrees of separation, I believe, is possinly reduced due to social networking. This is because social networking has made it so much easier and accessible for us to be connected to others, thereby making it two or three degrees of separation between us and other people.

Social networking is a rapidly growing phenomenon and it is no doubt that it will keep expanding. We have progressed so much that we cannot do without technology. In the years to come, social networking will be an inevitable part of our lives. I think that this is especially scary because of the heavy dependence on technology which human beings are guilty of today. What if one day all forms of technology vanish? Will we be able to survive without technology? Tell me what you think!

Good or bad?


“Social media is a bad idea – the rise of social media has caused more problems like Internet addiction, social isolation, and invasion of privacy – especially with the young generation!”

Is social media really a bad idea, or is the abuse by individuals of social media causing people to think that social media is indeed the root of all evil?

In our world today, it is evident that social media has an enormous impact on the lives of everyone, whether it is beneficial or harmful. Social media has its perks, in which there is a common platform for people to engage in social activities to improve relationships. However, if individuals do not or choose not to engage in social media activities, they tend to be ostracised and even outcast from their circle of friends. In this case, social media would be more harmful than beneficial because people will lose relationships built over a long period of time.

I feel that the particular quote at the end of the notes on Social Media is a rather strong statement. We cannot deny that social media has a good and positive side towards people and society in general. Social media offers us many benefits like interconnectedness, improved communication and development of better social relationships.

Nonetheless, it would be narrow minded to ignore the harmfulness of the Internet. I do not deny that social media is a “bad idea” because in some cases, it ironically distances individuals rather than improve their relationships with others. For example, at a dinner table, friends always use their phones and tweet or use Facebook while waiting for food to arrive. No one talks at the table and conversations are diluted because of the presence of social media. Social isolation happens as a result. Considering the other half of the quote about Internet addiction and invasion of privacy, there is no doubt that these effects have resulted as a consequence of excessive use of social media. Note the word “excessive” which I used here because if social media is used moderately, there is little tendency for addiction to develop and people will not necessarily invade others’ privacy.

In summary, social media has a boon and bane. It is up to oneself to discern the amount of social media to be engaged in and decide how appropriate it is before doing certain actions which may end up in regret.

Introduction to the Internet

Okay, so I chanced upon this video over YouTube while I was trying to search for information on the Internet to post for this particular entry. I’m not going to explain the contents of the video because you should just click on it and view it.

What I would like to talk about in this post is the evolution of the Internet, which gives rise to the advent of the interactive web. As we all know, the interactive web consists of popular websites such as YouTube, flickr, Blogger and Google. The interactive web is largely useful because of the information it provides to the common man. What was previously unknown to the masses now becomes so readily available because of advanced technology. Besides being informative, the interactive web allows people to be creative and create videos of their own in order to share their talent. Websites like MySpace have enabled many people to rise to fame based on their first video, which subsequently leads to being talent-spotted all the way to Hollywood.

However, with every advantage, there is/are bound to be disadvantage(s).

The pervasiveness of advertisements in the interactive web is an issue which faces much backlash. Advertisements are EVERYWHERE on the web and as an Internet user, I personally feel the agony and frustration every time the video I wish to view or article I wish to read is interrupted by some silly advertisements which have no relevance in my life most of the time. The influx of advertisements on the web, in my opinion, needs to be curbed or limited because it poses as an incessantly annoying interruption.

If you haven’t viewed the video, do it so now! Cheers!