In summary…

For this last post of the blog, I’m going to summarise what I’ve learnt and the most important lesson for me. I think the most important thing is exploring interactive sites over the Internet. I enjoyed doing ‘show and tell’ the most because I had the opportunity to find something substantial to share. It made […]

The future of the Internet

Microsoft has a vision and so does Nokia. I am sure every company in the information technology and Internet industry has a vision of the future of the Internet. Technological advancement means that no company is stagnant when it comes to inventing new technologies and upgrading technology. Each of the above videos shows a strong […]

Internet Journalism

The video above illustrates how news travels from citizens to main news. Main news has always been traditional, with the journalists as the contributors and the printing companies as the publishers. News is highly regulated, especially in a country like Singapore. There is only one media company in Singapore and it is highly controlled. It […]

Up my sales, please.

Every company wishes to increase their profits by using the supposed most powerful tool of all – Advertising. With regards to the world of fashion, my post today will cover the ways some fashion companies have employed to make the market their brand and products. The companies I am going to talk about are ASOS, […]