In summary…

For this last post of the blog, I’m going to summarise what I’ve learnt and the most important lesson for me.

I think the most important thing is exploring interactive sites over the Internet. I enjoyed doing ‘show and tell’ the most because I had the opportunity to find something substantial to share. It made me more independent in finding something over the Internet to share and tell the class about it.

After searching over a weekend, I found an interactive Sherlock Holmes Book App and the video and information about this awesome book can be found here: Because I am a massive fan of the BBC Sherlock series, this online book app really appealed to me and I hope someone who also shares the same amount of enthusiasm as me will appreciate the project as much as I do.

I think the show and tell session is very essential to the concept of learning. We don’t and can’t just take in the things our educators tell us but more importantly, we must take the initiative to explore in depth to maximise our learning. To reinforce certain things in the chapter of e-learning, we should make the effort to learn effectively through two-way learning and facilitation between our educators and ourselves.

Overall, this module has widened my understanding of the Internet although I would have learnt more on how to create web pages of my own and have more hands on work such as desigining websites. Nonetheless, I have learnt a lot!


2 thoughts on “In summary…

  1. I agree. If we’re able to learn how to create a webpage on our own from scratch, it will be more meaningful because we will know how every webpage created is someone’s hardwork

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