The future of the Internet

Microsoft has a vision and so does Nokia.

I am sure every company in the information technology and Internet industry has a vision of the future of the Internet. Technological advancement means that no company is stagnant when it comes to inventing new technologies and upgrading technology.

Each of the above videos shows a strong correlation between people’s desire for better technologies and improvements in technologies. When the demand for newer technologies on the Internet increases, companies will inevitably find new and innovative ways to improve the latest technologies.

In 2010, according to Internet World Stats, the Internet had 1.7 billion users. This compared with a world population of 6.7 billion people. There is no doubt more people will have Internet access by 2020.

The future of the Internet is unpredictable and anything is simply possible with easily accessible tools online. The amazing thing with the Internet is its speed and massive amount of users. There is also almost no limit to content posting. 20 years or even 10 years down the road, no one might even need physical cash to pay for merchandise anymore; everything could be handled via the Internet and like the Nokia video, probably drawn virtually with our bare hands too. Everything might be handled over a simple chip or device and we might not even depend on any physical device anymore. What I find espeically fascinating about the Nokia video is the portrayal of the woman controlling the functions of the device with her eyes. It is indeed scary but at the same time, quite an impressive technology.

As much as the Internet holds for us in the future, I still feel that human beings cannot take what we have for granted. What if the Internet collapses on everyone one day? It would be a disastrous phenomenon. For now, we should still depend on ourselves and not rely too much on the Internet.

The following link is just something light-hearted. Students might actually be this creative in the future!


2 thoughts on “The future of the Internet

  1. I think everyone has their dreams and view of the technology in the future world. The important part is whether or not it will come true is not the issue. Technology WILL change but might differ in how we imagine. and don’t forget the people behind who are working hard to make this dream real.

  2. I agree that the future is unpredictable, but I just can’t imagine what would happen if the Internet collapses on us one day …

    The Japanese are such innovative people I was actually expecting some wow technology in the video, but it’s so silly I really like it!!

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