Internet Journalism

The video above illustrates how news travels from citizens to main news. Main news has always been traditional, with the journalists as the contributors and the printing companies as the publishers. News is highly regulated, especially in a country like Singapore. There is only one media company in Singapore and it is highly controlled.

It is evident that news is now changing, and very rapidly at that. News has become two way and it is no longer the job of the journalists to publish news. Nowadays, news has evolved to the extent that citizens have become part of the process and not isolation from the process.  It used to be solely the job of the journalists to spread news and keep people updated but it has now become both the jobs of the citizen and the journalist.

The term Internet Journalism is a modern day term to suggest the involvement of citizens in news. Internet Journalism is also used to identify modern day transfer of news, which requires both citizens and journalists to make the publishing of news more accurate and genuine.

Mostly, the journalists report what they see but not what they experience. With the help of citizens, news becomes more genuine because of first hand accounts and experiences. The Internet is thus shaping the way news is reported because news is now instant, more accurate and more reliable.

There will definitely be down sides to this method of news transfer. It is inevitable that some citizens publish nonsensical news to trivialise things. Such include trivial incidents from Stomp like the one below.

Such news are not important and only meant for criticism and comment.

Also, the Internet is shaping Journalism in terms of bloggers and the roles they play. Local bloggers like Xiaxue, Laila Lu and many others are changing the world of news because of issues they blog about, which sparks the interest of legitimate journalists.

The Internet has definitely changed journalism to a very large extent and we can expect more changes to come. Who knows, maybe the newspapers will become obselete one day?


2 thoughts on “Internet Journalism

  1. IIt is not just arming yourself with a camera and take important parts and place it on the internet. Anyone can do cut and paste. But presenting information accurately takes not just skills but also moral values too.

  2. That video was really popular then. I agree that Stomp covers lots of trivial incidents but if it wasn’t for that Stomper, we wouldn’t get to see what kind of people we have out there in Singapore. Such incidents can actually spark some good debate and also gives us lots of examples for our essays…

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