I don’t care because I take things for granted

According to the Singapore Elections Department 2011, out of 2.21 million voters in 2011 GE, about 25% of all voters are between ages

of 21-35.  39% of youth voters, if given a chance not to vote, would choose this option.

What causes youth to be politically apathetic?

The video surveys undergraduate youths in Singapore and questions whether political apathy is indeed evident in Singapore.

Firstly, I believe not all youths are politically apathetic. There are definitely exceptions to this belief. It only seems that most of youths are politically apathetic. Youth campaigns and rallies involved many youths during the General Elections last year.

Youths are politically apathetic because in the 21st century, they have become increasingly complacent. Being well provided for and born with a silver spoon, youths do not quesiton their comfort zone. For example, the housing issues in Singapore have been of increasing concern. However, not all youths seem to be worried about such ongoing news. Because parents are the ones who provide for youths and youths also do not have enough finances to buy their own property, issues about housing and current affairs do not concern them. As such, youths become politically apathetic to home affairs because they do not envision the furutre as yet.

Secondly, I believe that youths find politics boring. It is undeniable that to a certain extent, politics is boring and unenagaging. I believe that there is a gap in youths understanding politics and the connection between the government and youths. There is a chasm in fully communicating political news which results in the ineffectiveness of spreading messages from the government to the people.

The use of social media has been very effective in the elections last year and I feel that the government should continue to adopt this method to fully communicate their message across to youths. I believe social media and social networking have been the most effective tools because of its accessibility and convenience.

To continue engaging youths, the government needs to improve on more methods and youths will hopefully change to becoming more active participants in politics.


2 thoughts on “I don’t care because I take things for granted

  1. I think one of the reason why youths are apathetic because not enough perspective were presented. And even before the campaign season start, the media already started to blast many single sided information out there. Even if you are neutral, you will become apathetic at the end because of info overload.

  2. I believe there are ignorant people in all countries but I don’t think the situation is that bad here. I believe that most of the youth do know the main issues going on during the elections since most of us are engaged in Facebook and Twitter. But of course, there is still plenty of room for improvement!

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