Up my sales, please.

Every company wishes to increase their profits by using the supposed most powerful tool of all – Advertising. With regards to the world of fashion, my post today will cover the ways some fashion companies have employed to make the market their brand and products. The companies I am going to talk about are ASOS, H&M and Topshop.

ASOS is an international brand which is from the United Kingdom. Today, it is considered the largest online-only fashion and beauty store. The brand is particularly unique because it operates entirely over the Internet and there are no physical stores in operation in the world. It is possibly also the most successful. With regards to marketing strategies, ASOS has to make its website more appealing than any other online site because the Internet is its business revenue source.

The above picture shows part of the ASOS website. The company places the ‘sale’ portion as its largest section on the main page and never fails to attract consumers like me who are attracted to the temptation of the word “sale”. The multiple options on the left column also make it easy for customers to choose what they want immediately, without having to crack their heads over what to search for. Also, ASOS provides free shipping which is extremely extraordinary because very few or no international fashion company, except local blogshops, actually take the risk of losing money to offer free shipping.

The link above also shows ASOS’s attempts in engaging the big stars, The Drums, who are American musicians in promoting their brand. However, the date of this advertisement was a year ago. When I searched for current advertisements, I could not find recent ones. I believe the reason is that advertisements are obselete for ASOS, because the company is already so successful, drawing in millions of customers and billions of dollars for the company over the years. Word of mouth is probably their strongest strategy.

As for H&M, there is one store in Singapore and there is also a website which allows browsing for potential buyers.


H&M’s multimedia marketing strategy is similar to ASOS but the H&M website seems to be limited because it cannot ship products to Singapore. New collections and clothes which are not exclusive to Singapore cannot be shipped. H&M recently used famous singer Lana Del Rey (first picture of the H&M website) as their new endorser and this is part of their strategy to make the brand more famous. Besides websites and YouTube advertisements, H&M, along with ASOS and Topshop have Twitter accounts and Facebook pages for consumers as part of their multimedia strategies. Since social media is so powerful, these attempts can be considered quite genius.

Lastly, the bottom shows Topshop’s website main page.

The unfortunate thing about Topshop is that the website is not even accessible if changed to “Singapore” as the location (the part which I circled on the top left corner). Also, Topshop does not ship to Singapore and some unique products online are not available to consumers in Singapore. Topshop also uses celebrities like Kate Moss to endorse their products and this is similar to H&M.

Overall, I feel that ASOS is the most successful in using multimedia to promote its brand. I think it is also fair for me to compare the 3 fashion companies because their multimedia strategies are very similar, if not the same. I feel that ASOS is successful because of the tools it effectively manages to utilise fully to reap in profits. Operating virtually, thereby saving costs, the company’s website is one of the most revolutionary shopping experiences for any customer. Easy to read functions, ‘zoom’ functions for close up views of products and the portrayal of different brands like Ray Ban and Kate Spade make it more appealing for consumers. The website also compels customers to buy more and the shopping ecperience does not seem to stop, especially for me.


2 thoughts on “Up my sales, please.

  1. I think ASOS is no only successful because of its multimedia but also the fact that many customers admitted or showed on social media that they bought stuff from ASOS. Customers are the ones that are doing sufficient branding for them through word of mouth

  2. Since ASOS doesn’t have physical stores like H&M and Topshop, I believe that they have a bigger online reach since they ship worldwide unlike the other two. It also has lots of sales which makes it really attractive! There are much more tweets about ASOS’ sales on my timeline over the other two which also attest to ASOS’s popularity!

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