We have to be smarter

The above are 4 screenshots taken from an article which I found online that has to do with cyber crime. More detailed information of the full article can be found here: http://asia.cnet.com/more-falling-victim-to-social-or-mobile-cybercrime-62218606.htmIn Singapore’s law, the Computer Misuse  Act is Singapore’s principal legislative reponse to cyber crime. Introduced in 1993, the aim of this Act is to help those who have been abused by the misuse of computers which tarnish or harm them.

From the first screen shot, it is evident that Singapore suffers an extremely shocking and ridiculously high amount of losses over cyber crime. US$944 million surpasses more than most of other countries by almost 900%. It is a crazy amount of money lost and the government of Singapore has suffered a huge loss. So, the bigger question is: “What causes Singapore to lose so much more than other countries? What are the causes of cyber crime?”

If we look at it from a technological point of view, Singaporeans could be considered a lot more gullible in terms of sucuumbing to cyber pressures. Because our society is so technologically advanced, people do not question online information most of the time. Readily even providing their identification number for some, Singaporeans then become extra vulnerable to such scams online. The infiltration of social media and social networking platforms is also responsible for cyber crimes in Singapore. Cyber criminals can easily go anonymous and pose as an innocent person to deceive the masses. With the increasing amount of youths using social media, it creates more danger because youths are highly susceptible to the threats of cyber criminals. Cases such as the ACJC bashing and other online bullying cases of students are evident examples of easily circulated videos and Internet abuse.

Looking at the situation from an educational point of view, it is rather ironic to say that Singapore is probably still lagging behind in cyber knowledge in a highly educated ‘intellectual’ society. We probably lack the Information Technology expertise about cyber criminals and thus become more prone to believing in easy 4D scams or Toto too-good-to-be-true winning deals. In this aspect, I feel that our society has not done much to educate individuals about money scams on the computer. This causes people to end up releasing personal information like credit card numbers, which are highly confidential.

In summary, I feel that Singapore needs to be more vigilant as a whole about cyber crime and cyber criminals in general. If a deal seems too good to be true, one should be alert and not fall prey to these scams. Also, one should use his/her discretion about releasing information to the right and legitimate organisation. Such tips can prevent one from making a decision he might regret forever.


2 thoughts on “We have to be smarter

  1. My email was badly hacked once and it was really frustrating because I also got back tons of emails of non-delivery notifications. Some of my friends on Twitter also started to tweet stuff about weight loss pills which is definitely some sort of virus. I agree that we have to always be vigilant and not fall prey!

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