I teach and therefore you learn, or do you? (E-learning)

Learning is defined as the act or process of acquiring knowledge or skill. Human beings are the smartest animals because of our abilities to pick up new skills very quickly. Since we were born, we were already taught by our first educators – our parents. We learn about sounds and sights and everything that our tiny brains could have taken in at that age.

In the 21st century however, it’s not simple learning, in which we are fed information on a face-to-face platform anymore. Learning has evolved into something more sophisticated, something more complex. In the video I included, Mathematics can now be taught online and explanations are clearly illustrated using attractive cartoons and animation. Long gone are the days when teachers were the main educators at school. Now, learning is made global because of the ability to be interconnected to the world. Educators all around the world can easily obtain information over the Internet and educate students with it.

Now known as ‘E-learning’, this technological evolvement of learning has transformed the way we are educated. As a 21st century learner, we cannot sit back and merely absorb information so readily. We have to interact and connect with others online, so that we maximise our abilities for learning. The only downside to e-learning is its technological dependence. If there ever is a day where technology collapses, everything over the Internet is wiped out in an instance. But it does not mean that our learning stops there; I believe that it is greater reason to acquire more knowledge, to keep up with the world and to expose ourselves to more ways of acquiring skills.


2 thoughts on “I teach and therefore you learn, or do you? (E-learning)

  1. E-learning can be fun and a quick way to absorb information. Instead of reading a thick book from the dummies series, I would definitely prefer learning something faster on the net. The younger generation is really relying on it a lot, but if they do learn I don’t think it’s that bad after all.

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