May the force be with you (E-marketing)

The commercial is an attempt by Volkswagen to promote the Passat model. I chose it primarily because I love this particular model of all Volks automobiles. But more importantly, I think the advertisement is a very creative way to entice buyers.

Instead of traditional print advertisements on newspapers, magazines, billboards or other places like bus stops and shopping malls, more companies have used the least expensive way to advertise their products – E-marketing, which is marketing of products online. Volkswagen and many multi-national companies have engaged in this actively since the method is inexpensive and is the best extensive way to reach out to potential customers.

What makes e-marketing successful? I believe it’s the ability to spread the word around and ‘share’ the advertisements with others. The viral component of sharing videos online is an amazing platform of promoting a product or event. For example, the most well known example is that of the Gangnam Style Korean video by music writer Psy. It has more than 350 million hits on YouTube as of today. I believe that the very action of people spreading the video online is what defines success of e-marketing. Every advertisement has to be spread through word-of-mouth to be successful in reaching out to the masses.

The commercial I picked out has an interesting element to it. The Star Wars character, Da Vadar, was brought in to the advertisement, thereby reeling in Star Wars fans as potential buyers. E-marketing, as compared to print marketing, allows a greater platform for integration, which print advertising cannot do without sufficient explanation of visuals. Greater animation is also more attractive and feasible.

Overall, I believe that e-marketing is a technological genius because it gives companies a lot of space to promote and advertise and e-marketing helps to save them from making losses.


2 thoughts on “May the force be with you (E-marketing)

  1. I believe that e marketing is successful also because it provided a platform for discussion. Not word of mouth but words that are type out by users and the platform to view overall consensus.

  2. The best form of marketing is really anything that can go viral! Creative advertisements like this one stand out from the bunch and is surely an ad I would continue watching if it was placed before my youtube video.

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