Get in the zone (or not).

The link which I chose to show my readers today is an advertisement by Google in a bid to promote Google Chrome. The video illustrates how one man uses Google to win his ex-girlfriend back.

In one part of the video, the lead stated “Your friends became my friends”. I particularly picked this statement out because I find it especially significant in this week’s lecture on Social Networking. Apart from meeting her friends in person, how did he keep in contact with her friends?

In this modern day and age, I believe the answer is social networking. There are multiple platforms for all of us to be connected to someone or many people. The idea of the six degrees of separation, I believe, is possinly reduced due to social networking. This is because social networking has made it so much easier and accessible for us to be connected to others, thereby making it two or three degrees of separation between us and other people.

Social networking is a rapidly growing phenomenon and it is no doubt that it will keep expanding. We have progressed so much that we cannot do without technology. In the years to come, social networking will be an inevitable part of our lives. I think that this is especially scary because of the heavy dependence on technology which human beings are guilty of today. What if one day all forms of technology vanish? Will we be able to survive without technology? Tell me what you think!


One thought on “Get in the zone (or not).

  1. Woah cool video to show all the tools Google has! I believe that social networking is already an inevitable part of our lives and I honestly don’t think we can survive without it 😡

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