Good or bad?


“Social media is a bad idea – the rise of social media has caused more problems like Internet addiction, social isolation, and invasion of privacy – especially with the young generation!”

Is social media really a bad idea, or is the abuse by individuals of social media causing people to think that social media is indeed the root of all evil?

In our world today, it is evident that social media has an enormous impact on the lives of everyone, whether it is beneficial or harmful. Social media has its perks, in which there is a common platform for people to engage in social activities to improve relationships. However, if individuals do not or choose not to engage in social media activities, they tend to be ostracised and even outcast from their circle of friends. In this case, social media would be more harmful than beneficial because people will lose relationships built over a long period of time.

I feel that the particular quote at the end of the notes on Social Media is a rather strong statement. We cannot deny that social media has a good and positive side towards people and society in general. Social media offers us many benefits like interconnectedness, improved communication and development of better social relationships.

Nonetheless, it would be narrow minded to ignore the harmfulness of the Internet. I do not deny that social media is a “bad idea” because in some cases, it ironically distances individuals rather than improve their relationships with others. For example, at a dinner table, friends always use their phones and tweet or use Facebook while waiting for food to arrive. No one talks at the table and conversations are diluted because of the presence of social media. Social isolation happens as a result. Considering the other half of the quote about Internet addiction and invasion of privacy, there is no doubt that these effects have resulted as a consequence of excessive use of social media. Note the word “excessive” which I used here because if social media is used moderately, there is little tendency for addiction to develop and people will not necessarily invade others’ privacy.

In summary, social media has a boon and bane. It is up to oneself to discern the amount of social media to be engaged in and decide how appropriate it is before doing certain actions which may end up in regret.


3 thoughts on “Good or bad?

  1. There is a lot of talk about the pros and cons of social media, but it is already so pervasive we cannot possibly just take social media out of our lives and move on. At the end of the day, I agree with you that it is up to oneself to be responsible and decided how much is appropriate for us!

  2. social media is so inculcated in our lives, its impossible to have it stripped off our daily lives now. but like what you said, i totally agree that we all need to be responsible with our daily consumption.

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