Introduction to the Internet

Okay, so I chanced upon this video over YouTube while I was trying to search for information on the Internet to post for this particular entry. I’m not going to explain the contents of the video because you should just click on it and view it.

What I would like to talk about in this post is the evolution of the Internet, which gives rise to the advent of the interactive web. As we all know, the interactive web consists of popular websites such as YouTube, flickr, Blogger and Google. The interactive web is largely useful because of the information it provides to the common man. What was previously unknown to the masses now becomes so readily available because of advanced technology. Besides being informative, the interactive web allows people to be creative and create videos of their own in order to share their talent. Websites like MySpace have enabled many people to rise to fame based on their first video, which subsequently leads to being talent-spotted all the way to Hollywood.

However, with every advantage, there is/are bound to beĀ disadvantage(s).

The pervasiveness of advertisements in the interactive web is an issue which faces much backlash. Advertisements are EVERYWHERE on the web and as an Internet user, I personally feel the agony and frustration every time the video I wish to view or article I wish to read is interrupted by some silly advertisements which have no relevance in my life most of the time. The influx of advertisements on the web, in my opinion, needs to be curbed or limited because it poses as an incessantly annoying interruption.

If you haven’t viewed the video, do it so now! Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Introduction to the Internet

  1. Nice video there! Have to agree with Coke that it’s a really widely understood term in the world. It’s probably easier to order Coke than water in some countries!
    And I totally agree with you about the agony and frustrations of advertisements!! Especially those 30 seconds adverts before I can watch a video ….

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